pup, 2022, downloaded medieval sheepdog collar, 3d printed clear resin, 4” x 4” x 2"

3D scan of ME&YOU installed in a crucible for the 2022 MIAD Junior Show - Steadfast, Unbound

the center everywhere & the circumference nowhere, 2022

laser etched blue velvet, 9” x 9”

every previous gesture / how to be precise? , 2022

discarded foam, found aluminum, 5.5” x 9” 

microcosm, bathwater, blood, 2021

(3D print in unfired ceramic resin of a downloaded dog skull bisected by a medieval dog collar & a cartoon dog drawn on the temple, 2023)

(failed 3D scan & print of the hungry baby vessel, 2022)

(experiment with ai generated text laser cut into blue velvet, 2022)