Saturday, October 04, 2008

Wedding frame

This was something I made for the Wedding theme day on It's A Creative World yesterday.

It started off as the naffest ( and cheapest - only 50p!) picture frame imaginable:

I "dampened" down the print by painting it all with cream acrylic paint before covering the whole thing with plain calico. I then stuck various Primas (some stamped) in 2 corners and added buttons, beads, brads and sequins to the flower centres. Then I lightly stamped some flourishes with pale green chalk ink.


Carla said...

Jo, this is breathtaking!!! What I like best about it is that it will fit in with any number of decor schemes. It doesn't scream this or that style, it just says gorgeous!

Jenn said...

Beautiful frame Jo, I love it! :D