Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Proud Mummy moment!

Today I went to speak to the boys' teachers for Parent's Evening and to say I am incredibly proud of them would be an understatement! Matthew is being placed on the "Gifted and Talented" register and has been working really well. He just needs a bit more confidence to put his hand up in class and speak in front of other people. Jamie has also been working really hard (earning the class award for Worker of the Week last week) and is also progressing really well as well as being polite and helpful in class.


Jenga said...

Loads of gorg new LO's on here hun!! And huge well done to your boys - you deserve to be proud :)


Granny and Grandad G said...

Not surprised you are having a proud Mummy moment we are having a proud Granny and Grandad one too! Love to you all