Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Heather and her shop!

My fab friend Heather (cutnpaste) has today opened her fab new shop: The Ribbonrie selling loads of gorgeous ribbons and bits and pieces - go check it out!

I was fortunate enough to have been asked by Heather to create some bits for her site gallery so have been happily playing with some gorgeous stash and will hopefully be able to share with you soon.

If you do go shopping make sure you read the front page of Heather's site to see how she is raising money for Cancer Research UK - a charity close to my heart.


Anonymous said...

I have left you an award on my blog angel xx

Eleanor said...

Hi Jo
Ever a sucker for some pretties, I shall visit your friend's shop, but the second link isn't working (I'll go via the other way, but thought you might like to know) Now I'll go away all embarrassed.