Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bella Blvd site

Oooh, the new Bella Blvd site is live!! Gorgeous papers, and I can't wait to see them over here!

In other news, the boys go back to school tomorrow after their 6 week summer break. I'm dreading it as it means waking Jess up an hour earlier than she's been used to and will totally throw her routine out of the window! She'll also be like a bear with a sore head all day tomorrow as having had the boys around at home for all this time she'll miss them like crazy tomorrow. I'm planning to take her out in the morning to keep her occupied and hopefully she'll forget about them being at school.

Her vocabulary (of words she tries to say) is growing daily. She usually says the beginning of a word or the end of it but can't say a whole word apart from "Hiya". We have "br" for bread, "dr" for drink, "Ma Pa" is Makka Pakka from In the Night Garden, "Ver" is for hoover and "ock" is a sock. There are loads more I can't remember at the moment.

We went out today and I bought her a cute little "IgglePiggle" (from In the Night Garden) cap and also a little pink hat so I'll have to try and get her to pose for photos tomorrow so Granny and Aunty Sandy and Kirsty can see them all!

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