Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Yesterday was the Governor's Assembly at the boys' school and as I knew Jamie was due to receive a prize Jess and I went along. Jamie had no idea whatsoever until his picture and name appeared on the projection screen and he went up to receive his prize for "creativity". Because I was sat right at the back of the hall I couldn't get a very good photo so had to get him out in the garden after school to pose with his trophy.

Matthew performed a song with the rest of his class about fishes, squid and whales and had to wear a wonderful piece of whale headgear that he made. To see him actually stand up in front of a crowd and perform was absolutely brilliant as he has so little confidence and had it been a year ago would probably have refused to do it! However he wasn't to happy to pose for photos when he got home as you can tell by the look on his face - I don't think the heat here was helping much!

As I was outside taking photos of the boys I had to take a few of Jess too - here she is wearing her cute dress and her new "oos" as she calls her shoes! I bought her a couple of pairs a few weeks ago and she loves them.

Everytime I tell her we need to put her shoes on she goes and gets them and then either sits down on the bottom step of the stairs or stand up, holds on to me and lifts her foot in the air while saying "oos".

Cute aren't they!! She loves the ones with the sequins on and will always choose those over the plain trainers!

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Marja said...

Those oos are so cute! They had a different selection at the Clarks I went to but I like the sneakers on the left and wish they had them when we went in! I'll have to take photos of the 2 pairs we got for Noemie. I can see a shoe obsession coming on... but unlike Jess who wants to put her oos on, Noemie takes them off when we're out and about. It won't be long until we lose one of a pair of oos.