Friday, February 29, 2008

Update on Jess

Took Jess to the Dr today who agreed that she did have a yellow tinge to her skin particularly on her face. He had a feel of her tummy so saw what colour that was too but doesn't have a clue why she is this colour. He's referred us to a specialist at the local hospital as there may be quite a few reasons why she's like this. I've just got to ring up for an appointment now. I'm glad he actually listened to me and didn't fob me off and I'm not feeling silly about being paranoid now.


Vicki said...

Hiya Jo. I'm so glad that the Dr has taken notice of you. They all too often make us mums feel paranoid and it is soooo annoyingly frustrating. We know our children better than anyone. Hope they find out what is wrong with her soon. Take care Jo, love and best wishes, please keep us posted xx vicki xx

Anonymous said...

The Dr should listen to you!! I hope its nothing serious and you're right to get it checked out. Hope she's okay. :)


natty said...

Hope they get to the bottom of it soon Jo.


Toni said...

Jo, it's ok ... Jess is so lovely, so colorful, her skin has to reflect it, right? I'm certain that's what the doctors will all tell you!