Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The park!

So yesterday was a beautiful day here allbeit a little cold! We walked to the local shop for bread and stuff and then went straight to the park which is just behind our house. I don't like going there with the kids sometimes as it (goes without saying) is a local hang-out place for yobs and there is usually loads of swearing going on along with broken glass bottles. However yesterday there was no rubbish lying around and the teenagers were busy playing football so "my lot" could enjoy themselves. It was the first time Jess has been in a swing and she absolutely loved it! Can't wait to take her back again. We were hoping to go today but it's freezing out there and the ice is only just clearing off the cars. Maybe we'll stay in the warm today! Oh! I need to point out that in the afternoon I cut the boys' hair as it had got way too long!


debby4000 said...

Fab photos, I can forsee some great layouts coming soon

Toni said...

Handsome handsome family -- look at Jess and that tongue. Your kids must be very at ease with the camera; they are photogenic but also so obviously relaxed! The RED CHEEKS!!! I can tell how cold it must have been. FUN! I want to go swing.