Thursday, February 21, 2008

Di's card sketch Feb #3

So here's my card for Di's sketch this week:

I used: Papermill card, Making Memories paper, flower from fabric bouquet, Papermania button, KI Memories ribbon, Sue Dreamer alphabet stickers, white Signo pen, pink Marvy pen, stranded cotton.

School went brilliantly today! Matthew was really excited on the walk up there and when it came to going in to class he gave me a kiss and a hug and walked straight in without even looking back which is a miracle for him! When he came out this afternoon his teacher gave me a big thumbs-up sign and said he was fine - such a relief!!

I took Jess to the baby clinic today to get her weighed - 21lbs 9oz or 9.78kg! Not doing too badly then. The health visitor did confirm what I've been thinking for a while though that Jess does have a very definite yellow tint to her skin which is particularly noticeable around her nose and mouth. I've thought it for a while especially after looking at all her photos and my Mum saw it a couple of weeks ago but didn't want to say anything but eventually did this morning.Anyway I've booked us an appointment with the GP next week so hopefully he can put my mind at rest.


Toni said...

HOORAY!!! Success for Matthew (relief for Jo!) ... not to worry about Jess, she's so young and it might be just so simple as her skin is allergic to shmooshed carrots or something! The card is great -- very spare, great colors.

Veronica said...

have you figured out glimmer mist

I used it tonight on a fairy elf witch I made later tonight I will post it. heavier spray when close lighter spray when far away. I use it on canvas too. what colors did you get

Teresa K. said...

Sometimes it's good to see the doctor just to know that everything is fine. I'm glad the school is meeting with everyone's approval. And, your artwork is beautiful (as always)!

Vicki said...

Hiya Jo. So glad the kids are settling into their new school. It must be such a relief. Two schools in the neighbouring villages closed down just over a year ago, therefore the children came to our school. At first it was daunting for them, but now it's a if they have always been there. You have a beautiful family and a fab blog. Love your pictures, cards and layouts. Just sorry I've not been around much to comment. Hopefully I will be a better blogger now. Take care, love and best wishes xx vicki xx

Carla said...

Are you feeding the baby lots of carrots? It will turn a baby yellow/orange, and many babies LOVE carrots because they are so sweet. Cool card, BTW!