Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tagged twice!

Thanks to Marlou for both my tags! LOL! First one is this: and you can find the details here. Will have to have a think of who to tag as most of my faves are scrappers rather than cardmakers. The second tag is to list another 7 things about myself so here goes: 1.My hair is currently dyed red and halfway down my back. 2.I always wanted 4 kids but after the horrific labour with Jess 3 months ago there's no way I'll have another! 3. I always wanted to be a dentist but never did. My little brother is one now though. 4. I'm off on holiday very soon! 5. I hate flying and haven't been in a plane since 1980. 6. I have rather a lot of stash and a major love for stamps at the moment! 7. I used to be both bulimic and anorexic but am now fine! Again will have to have a think of wo to tag as most people I know have done this (and Jess has just woken up). Need to go and sort out washing ready for the hols too!


Marlou said...

thanks for playin Jo!!! I think this tag has been done by everyone, I have been tagged 3 times same one within 4 weeks {lol}
im running out of stuff to write

Paula Sealey said...

Nice knowing more about you:)