Thursday, July 05, 2007

Nowt to report

Only went to the local shops this morning to run some errands for my neighbour and then when we came home Jess slept. Instead of taking the opportunity to do some crafting I sat and surfed the internet for ages and then sat down to watch Wimbledon. Took my neighbour to the hospital at lunchtime and then stopped off at Tesco on the way home to buy "a few bits" but ended up spending £30 - mind you £5.50 of that was for 2 pairs of trousers for jess (for next year though!) Finally managed to get my act into gear this evening and have made a start on a card for the Sketch this blog challenge so hopefully will have that finished in the morning. I intend to stay at home all day tomorrow and craft while the washing machine is going. Saying that, my parents are coming over in the afternoon and then buying us tea from the chippy, to save me cooking, as they haven't seen the kids for a while and now it's summer (well-supposed to be!) they tend to spend a lot of time away in their motorhome.

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