Monday, June 18, 2007


Had visitors on Sunday - OH's Dad and Gran (who isn't looking bad for a 94 year old!) so didn't manage to get any scrapping done then. Did manage to do some today though - one whole layout!!!! Woo-hoo!

This is Jess with my brother when she was 6 days old. I used DCWV cardstock, Rob and Bob papers and MAMBI Chester glitter stickers. The title was done with Scrapworks Rubz (one of the best alphabet rub-ons in my opinion) and then I used my Lil Davis Love Affair stamps. (Loving this being able to use pink and flowery things game!!!)

Had a bit of a nightmare day today to start with! I managed to drop my mobile phone in to my pint glass of squash and had to wait for OH to come home to find an old phone I could put my SIM card in. Luckily we found my old Nokia phone but I'm having a laugh trying to remember how to use it - I want my Samsung back!

Not only did I manage to dunk my phone but I also knocked a whole pot of artificial sweeteners out of the cupboard when I went to get the coffee out.! They ended up all over the floor and the worktop and , as I found out a few minutes later, in Jamie's Weetabix with warm milk as he said it tasted foul! Hoping that tomorrow I have a better day!

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Natty said...

That is gorgeous Jo - really love the combo of Rob n Bob plus Mambi -yummy! :oD