Thursday, June 14, 2007

One of those days

Dr's appointment this morning which entailed my post-natal check-up, smear test, coil fitting, Jess's 8 week review and then her first lot of injections! Between her check and injections we sat in the waiting room and she fell asleep while I cuddled her (having got stressed out when the Dr measured her length). She was still asleep when we were called in to see the nurse so she had her jabs while asleep but woke up to scream and then settled back down quite quickly. Walked home and then fed her and she went to sleep so decided to put her in the car and go to Asda as she always sleeps well in the car seat. Got all the shopping done and back home again without her waking up and she slept more when we got home then woke about an hour later and screamed the house down - she doesn't normally cry much at all. Checked her legs and her right thigh was bright red and puffy and she screamed if I touched it. Tried to feed her but she didn't want to know and ended up going back to sleep again and slept through picking the boys up from school, coming home and then for another hour after that - in all she went about five and a half hours without feeding properly. Thankfully she's just had a really good feed and is now in bed after eventually smiling at us this evening. I can now relax a bit as she seems more settled now. Anyway at the Dr's check she weighed in at 12lb 13 oz and is now 60.5cm long!!!! Must go and make a Father's Day card now. In Asda I bought one for OH, one for my step-Dad, one for OH's Dad and one for OH's step-Dad but forgot my Dad!! DOH!!!!! Will be back and post some piccies tomorrow. Hoping to have a quiet day at home with Jess and get some crafting done along with watching tonight's Grey's Anatomy.

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Trish said...

awwwww hun, poor jess, hope she is brighter tomorrow for you hunny xxx