Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Still here!!!!

So I've been very lax in updating my blog recently but I have been somewhat busy with the newest member of the house! Last night we tried her on expressed milk in a bottle for the first time and she drank it all - YAY - so we're going to give her a bottle of expressed milk every day. Both the boys had trouble drinking from a bottle as well as breastfeeding so when I saw the new Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles I bought one to try and have to say it's brilliant! Will definitely be buying some more of them. Jess is starting to settle in to some sort of routine although she does have "off" days occassionally when all my planning for the day goes out fo the window. Yesterday though she slept for most of the day (probably because she didn't go to sleep until midnight the night before!) so I managed to get my stash out for the first time since she was born:

It feels so strange to be searching for pink stash to use on a LO! Thankfully my wonderful OH went shopping the day he picked us up from the hospital and I was presented with a large bag of pink stuff from my local craft shop (which he went to with the kids) as he thought I'd appreciate stash more than a bunch of flowers - how right he was!!

Saying that though I have managed to place an order at Craft Obsessions this week for a stack of pink Bazzill which duly turned up the day after ordering - fab service and will definitely buy from them again! Have also picked up a few things on Ebay this week like the Deja Views girl sticker stack.

Hopefully will be back later to update with some more photos - Neil if you're reading this you need to sort out the camera!!!!


Jaffers said...

Our friends baby has one of those bottles….and although they’re cool, it’s REALLY freaky seeing him suck on it / the clear dummy he has: it looks WAY odd! :-)

Trish said...

Oh Jo, beautiful LO :) bless her little heart {{{huggles}}} yaaaaayyy with getting Jess to drink from a bottle, william never would, but Grace had the tommy tippee nubby teats and would take a bottle of expressed every night.
lots of love hunny xxx