Thursday, May 17, 2007

Piling it on!!!!

Had Jess weighed at the baby clinic this afternoon and she was 11 lbs 1/2oz!!! She has a slight heat rash on her tummy so keeping an eye on that but doing great otherwise. I also swear she smiled at me properly this afternoon for the first time but couldn't grab the camera in time! Went out this morning and bought a new breast pump. I had an Avent one for the boys but lent it to someone along with my steriliser and didn't check everything was there when she returned it - sod's law said that half the breast pump was missing when I got it out the other day. I had a Medela one that was provided by the local breastfeeding group but couldn't get on with it at all so this morning meant a trip to Toys R Us to buy a new one. Have tried it out this afternoon and has worked brilliantly so Jess can try a bottle again later.

Love this photo of her gazing up at Daddy - bless her!!!

After he read my blog yesterday OH has sorted out the camera for me so I now have a few more photos to upload - thanks sweetie!!! xxxxx


Trish said...

Jo she gets more beautiful every day hunny xxx

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

She is so gorgeous xxx

Paula Sealey said...

Yep, she's definitely getting bigger. I love all the pics you're uploading Jo, it's nice to see her progress:)

jake said...

She's a total poppet Jo!

Lovely to see her progres :-)