Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I should be scrapping

as I now have some photos to scrap with but thought I'd better come on here and post some first! Jess is still doing great and is fairly placid. She is going to bed at about 9.30 at night but then wakes up for her first fees at midnight and every 2-3 hours after that. I'm sure she's going to smile in the next few days as she's come awfully close a couple of times: Now you can really see what colour her hair is!!! I was this colour when I was born and so was my Grandma.

Here she is in one of her favourite places - on Neil!

So they don't feel left out here's a picture of Jess' gorgeous big brothers! I can't believe howgrown up they both look here!


Trish said...

awww doesn't she look so sweet lying on neil :D William used to love lying on martin like that :) xxx

Laura G said...

she's beautiful Jo. you and the boys must be tickled pink! glad she's doing well.

Shirley said...

She's a beauty!