Saturday, May 05, 2007

Doing well

Jess was weighed on friday and was 10lb exactly! She also had her hearing test which was absolutely fine and I was really pleased that we actually had a lovely Health Visitor! The boys love her to bits and Matthew follows me every time I take her upstairs to change her bum or bath her. He also asks for cuddles with her all the time. Jamie is a little less enamoured and seems to be playing up a bit. The other morning he told me that he wanted to go and live with Granny and Pops as it wasn't fun at home any more. Hopefully once things have settled down a bit and we're more in a routine then things will start getting better. Tomorrow I think we're hoping to go and buy a computer workstation and a wireless modem for the boys to have the old PC in their room. At least then we'll have loads more room in the sitting room as at the moment it looks like PC World!!! I'm hoping Jess settles in to some sort of routine soon as I'm desperate to get some scrapping done. I put a Photobox order in today so should be getting some photos next week and I'm raring to go with the pink stuff! Spent a while today trawling around scrap shops filling up my virtual baskets with all things pink and lilac and flowery! Could have easily spent a fortune!!


trish said...

hunny, what are you feeding her ;) :) . I am sure jamie will come round soon hun, its a big change for him {{{{{huggles}}}}} for jamie and love to you all xxx

Shirley said...

Awww if it's any consolation I remember hating my little bruv when Mum brought him home from hospital I remember quite clearly getting into his cot after Mum had taken him out!
It didn't last though, and Jamie will come round when she starts giggling at him!