Wednesday, April 04, 2007

This old boiler has a new boiler!!!!!

Woo-hoo!!!!! Without having to fork out a penny! Bless the people that thought up the Warm Front scheme. Went for my midwife appointment on Monday and everything is looking good. Baby is still the right way although the head isn't yet engaged. Midwife reckons it'll be between late 9's and early 10's in the weight stakes!!! Doesn't bother me too much as Matthew wasn't far off 9lbs. Just been out with the kids to Morrisons and stocked up on some bits to keep us going if baby does arrive soon *fingers crossed* and now off to do some scrapping. The boys have both started scrapping themselves in the past couple of days so I'll try to scan their LOs and upload them later.

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Mellie said...

Wonderful to hear that all is well with you and baby. I hope it is sooner than later for you. this is exactly the time of year I was doing my waiting for Paige. She arrived on the 23rd ( let me just say April = Taurus =STUBBORN HEHEHEHE
Glad you have reliable heat too! I keep checking every day to see the status. Its getting exciting!