Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Still waiting.....

and waiting and waiting and waiting!!!!! Didn't do much at all over the weekend, in fact I didn't get dressed until lunchtime on Saturday having spent all morning lying on the sofa watching tv! Neil has fitted the carpet in the baby's room and it looks lovely, of course I had to keep going in to smell that lovely new carpet smell. Managed to do 1 LO over the weekend:

Matthew loving his Star Wars. I actually handcut the title - first time I'd done one of those in a while and then embossed the edges. Found it quite therapeutic too!

Have started work on another LO but my sewing machine decided to "give up the ghost" while in the middle of the LO so may have to change my plans for it.

Neil also installed WIndows Vista on our PC over the weekend so we've been having fun trying to find our way around everything and teaching each other when we find new features. Have to say that I think we're both quite liking it so far *touch wood*!


Natty said...

I was wondering whether there's be any news. hehe

Oh well, wonder how many LOs you'll get done whilst waiting. That's a great start! :oD

maddy said...

I keep checking :) told you Ellas birthday is Thursday so i think that is an omen lol

Mellie said...

Hang in there Jo its the worst isn't it. It will come soon enough! the layout is lovely!