Thursday, April 19, 2007


First time to dress Jess in pink today:
Her jaundice is slowly going away and she's feeding like a trooper although saying that she hadn't "done a poo" for a couple of days and we were beginning to get a bit worried. I stayed up with her nearly all of last night - was only in my own bed for half an hour - and spent most of the night feeding her and changing her bum when she did actually manage to go - 5 times!!!!! Got given loads of clothes today by one of the other Mums up at school so we now have tone of outfits for her. We just need somewhere to put them all now as the lounge is rapidly beginnning to look like a wardrobe!


Trish said...

oh Jo, she looks so beautiful in pink :) hope you are getting some rest today sweetie xxx

Heather said...

Oh she looks just gorgeous in pink! Hope its all going well Jo (((hugs)))

Scrapdolly said...

Jo she looks gorgeous
You make sure you try to get some rest too xxx

marja said...

i can send you some poo nappies. i think noemie was pooing for jess as well, lol.