Saturday, April 14, 2007

Not yet!!!!:(

Still waiting for this baby although things do feel like they're moving so this weekend is looking hopeful although I have been wrong before!!! Trying to keep busy and have just finished this LO:

Me back in about 1970 when I was cute and could pose for the camera!!! Loving those "Andy Pandy" dungarees though!LOL!

Off to do a bit of a tidy up upstairs now! catch you later:D


Mellie said...

Jo! Love the layout and you were cute! Glad for the update have been checking in hourly lol!
Hang in there anytime now!!

Alison said...

Oh, Jo - how cute were you?!

trish said...

what a cutie you were hun ** years ago lol lol xxx

Mellie said...

so am hoping since we have not seen you since Saturday things might be happening for you??