Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Going nowhere fast!!

Just been to see my midwife who had been about to suggest a membrane sweep to try and start me off but seeing as baby's head isn't actually engaged at all there doesn't seem to be any point. I've still got to play the waiting game but seeing as Jamie was 5 days late and Matthew was 8 days late I should have forseen that anyway! Suppose I ought to go off and do something to keep my mind occupied now! Finished a LO yesterday so am all free to start another one now. This is Jamie when he had chickenpox last year and spent 2.5 weeks off school. At one point he was so bad with a high temperature and not eating or drinking that I ended up calling a Dr out on a home visit for him. Luckily he hasn't been left with too many scars. Got to use my lovely KI Memories stamps (bubbletter and disco dots) for the title. Unfortunately my sewing machine is still not working properly - I had wanted to sew all around the edges of the patterned paper.

Off to start another LO now or put my feet up for a while as the kids are both plating out in the garden.

Must add my congratulations to Marja and Kirk who today became the proud parents of Noemie Catherine.


Natty said...

Oh that's lovely Jo - the KI lushness... *Ü* and those stamps are fab aren't they??

Two layouts down then...

maddy said...

thats the trouble with babies , they come when they want to , mind you they spend the next 20 years doing as they want to too :)

Thinking of you
Maddy XXX

Mellie said...


you know they said that to me too and I had dd 24 hours later so chin up!!!!
Will continue to hope it sooner than later for you!
Fab layout I love the stamps.

Shirley said...

You just rest up while you can babe!

jake said...

Just popping in to see if there was any news... I guess not. Good luck hon!

jk xx