Monday, April 02, 2007

10 days to go

but it's bound to be late. !!! Have a midwife appointment this morning and will enjoy showing her my scan results that say baby is defiinitely head down, hopefully it'll come out to play soon!!! My parents are coming over later to sit with the boys while I go for my appointment as the "men" are coming to fit the new boiler today too!! YAY!!! No more forking out money to get it fixed all the time. Had a bit of a funny day on Saturday and didn't get much done as I was fairly sick in the morning but by lunchtime felt absolutely fine! Bit late for morning sickness to start! Yesterday we went out to look for a neutral carpet for the baby's room and actually found a remnant that was the perfect colour and size with 60% off so only cost £23! Couldn't fit it in my car so Neil is going to pick it up after work one day this week and then that's his project over Easter. We also took the kids to McDonalds for their last "pre-baby" treat and they loved the fasct they had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in their Happy Meals so of course have been playing with them non-stop. Bit light on the scrapping front but did manage to do a quick LO over the weekend:

This was a fab picture that Matthew drew a few months ago of Sportacus from Lazytown. Unfortunately after he drew it he started to colour all the background in with the same blue so I had to grab the picture of f him and scan it quickly then try and use Photoshop to erase the background before giving him the pic back!

Oh!!!! Just remembered what else I've done - Packed my hospital bag!!!

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scrapdolly said...

So glad you have packed that bag missy

And I hope you are sat feet up being waited on