Thursday, March 15, 2007


Yay!!!! Matthew actually co-operated and completed his eye test - perfect vision! I then had to buy him a toy in Tesco like I promised so he is now the proud owner of the red mystic ranger from Power Rangers Mystic Force! Also bought a gorgeous snowsuit in Tesco ready for the baby in autumn/winter - it's cream with a teddy on and was half-price. Managed to make 3 Mother's Day cards this evening all fairly close to this one: Why 3? I hear you ask - well Mum, step-Mum and MIL! Just as well I don't have a step MIL!!! Got my 3 Prima bitty bags from the US Ebay seller today so had to use some of the Primas didn't I?! Was a fairly good day on the mail front as well as I also received the cute little toy I bought on Ebay for the boys to give the baby as a present when it's born. The boys will be getting Power Rangers from the baby - what a clever child!!!

How cute is this duck? It has a little rattle inside it, is suitable from birth and as an added bonus is machine washable too!

Tomorrow is "D-day" that's "Dishwasher-day"!!!!! Did I mention that I can't wait? May also be looking after a friend's boy for some of the day as he's off sick from school at the moment and she has an aerobics class in the morning followed by a First Aid course in the afternoon.

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Shirley said...

Oh jo, I have the kettle on auto boil and the twoels ready's getting close huh?