Wednesday, March 21, 2007


to report!!! Monday I had a midwife appointment and have been told that not only is the baby breach still it's also lying back-to-back. I now have a scan booked for the 29th but it looks at the moment as though they won't let me deliver naturally like I wanted to and it'll be a C-section. Was really upset when I was told but think, thanks to what loads of people have said, that I'm now resigned to it and feel slightly happier. Went to the workshop in the afternoon and got my form so I can now claim 2 free nursing bras. Yesterday I was out for the day with Mum - mostly so we could go to a warehouse in Newton Abbot to look for a car seat as the one I have is really old and doesn't fit properly. The woman in the shop took one look at the car and told me which seat would fit and then checked to make sure it fitted OK which it did. Then my wonderul Mum paid for it!!!

So we are now the proud owners of a Britax Rock-a-tot. I bought a mirror to fix on the rear headrest so I can see the baby whilst driving.

After leaving there we went on to have a troll around Matalan where I ended up buying 3 long sleeved tops and 3 pyjama tops for the grand total of £13.50. I'm not usually a PJ wearer but seeing as I'm probably going to be in hospital for a few days and then up in night times feeding I thought they'd probably be quite handy.

Off to Tesco for lunch - a pot of tea and some sarnies and then down to Trago Mills where I bought the boy's Easter eggs. We don't usually get them eggs and buy a small toy or book instead but I spotted a mint Aero's egg with an Aero mug and as Matthew is totally addicted to his "green minty Aeros" I just had to get it for him. Jamie has a Yorkie one with a "no girsl allowed" mug. Also found them a Regatta waterproof coat each for £3.49 which am really chuffed about as the lightweight coats they have a re only showerproof and they have been known to get absolutely drenched while wearing them.

The rest of the day was picking kids up from school, cooking tea, putting kids to bed and then putting feet up in the evening.

This morning my fab new KI Memories stamps have arrived from Jill:

Bubbleletters and Disco Dots

Hoping to have a play with them later. I also need to go to the bank and pay a cheque in and go to the library to return my 3 days overdue book. Ooops!!!

Also had a report back yesterday that Bluebelle's new owner is completely besotted with her and she is starting to settle in OK although not eating much - she always was a small eater anyway but tends not to eat when she'd sulking or upset. Hopefully she'll pick up soon. Was great to hear that she's doing OK though.


trish said...

Hun, you need warm baths and get in them on your hands and knees so your belly is in the water, that might help the little monkey turn back to front. Love those rub ons too :o)

Shirley said...

Love those letters Jo!
It's so close now isn't it?