Monday, March 26, 2007

Guess what?!?!?

Still not packed my bags yet!!!!LOL! Spent Saturday cleaning and tidying - managed to blitz the hallway which was full of stuff that had just been chucked on top of shoe-rack or left lying on floor under the coat-rack and then on into the kitchen. After that it was up the stairs and then into the bathroom where the entire vanity unit was emptied and all old stuff disposed of. All that took a good six hours at least! Sunday was much of the same - into Matthew's room first where I completely emptied the wardrobe in his room, sorted out any of his clothes that were too small, sorted out all my cross stitch stuff that was in there too, got rid of some of my stuff I've been hanging on to for about 20 years and then into Jamie's room. In here I emptied his wardrobe, moved all his stuff into the semi-empty one in Matthew's room and then Neil demolished the wardrobe which is now sat out in the garden waiting to go to the tip. Having done all this we moved the bed in Jamie's room to another corner then got the bed out of Matthew's room and joined them together to make bunks. Totally cleaned Matthew's old room and brought up an armchair from the lounge so I can use that room for sitting in to feed the baby (as I find the chairs much more comfortable than bed) and moved Matthew's blanket box down in to the lounge where it can double up as seating and a toy-box. The kids seem to have claimed it as their chair for now. Then all the baby stuff that's threatening to make the loft collapse came down into the baby's room (was Matthew's) and we think we're sorted for the moment!! We haven't put the cot up for the baby yet as we're using the moses basket in our room to start with and if the baby is anything like Matthew it won't fit in a basket past the age of about 4 weeks anyway in which case we'll move it into the travel cot in our room. We're also hoping to go out next weekend and buy a new carpet for the baby's room in a neutral coloour as I detest the one that's been in there since I bought the place nine years ago - it's a truly foul primary colour scheme! Today I vowed I wasn't doing any cleaning so I spent an hour having tea and a chat up at the school after dropping the kids off and then went to the local charity shop to drop off 2 bin liners full of books and clothes followed by the Co-op to get a few bits. True to form their bananas looked crap so ended up going to Morrison's where my bananas cost me £24!!! (along with everything else that was on offer). Also managed to do a couple more loads of washing and then this evening have sat down and made 2 birthday cards:

One for my Dad who's birthday is on Sunday using DCWV card and paper with Scrapworks Rubz, dotz and some ric-rac. Not 100% convinced I like this card but it'll do.

The other card is for OH's uncle who's birthday is on April 1st:

This one was DCWV card again with some Patchwork paper, Carolee's rub-ons and American Crafts rub-ons. Much prefer the colours of this one I think.

Plan of action for tomorrow is go to a local breastfeeding group and put my order in for my free nursing bras and then I intend to come home and do some scrapping. May also do another few loads of washing and then my friend is coming around for a cuppa after we pick the kids up from school and the kids can play together for a while. In the meantime I think I need to go to bed and put these hideously swollen ankles up!!!

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