Saturday, March 03, 2007

Fab day!!! (mostly)

Woke up to a freezing cold house yesterday as the boiler isn't working! Had to wait for OH to get home from work in the afternoon to look at it - the pilot light isn't staying on! Now waiting for the boilerman to come today hopefully so there goes another load of money we didn't want to part with and will have to find! Went out with Mum yesterday and managed to come home with loads but spend very little. Had 2 book tokens for the boys for World Book Day so managed to get 2 books for £1.49 -Matthew has the rather excellent The Story of the Little Mole who Knew it was none of his Business - if you haven't read it you have to!! In Boots I came out with No7 HydroQuench Day Cream, A single use camera, packet of Huggies nappies and a Huggies changing bag for the grand total of £4.98 thanks to my Boots Parenting Club vouchers!! Also had a mooch around Mothercare looking at all the gorgeous stuff and then around a few more shops buying less interesting stuff like a Windows Vista magazine, some Velcro and 20 scouring pads!!! Mum bought us all tea of fish and chips which was lovely but not something I could eat every week and the best thing is - no washing up!! Hoping to get some scrapping done this weekend - it's been sorely neglected recently!


scrapdolly said...

Sounds like a fab day shopping. I need to ship woth you!
I hope the boiler got fixed

Paula Sealey said...

Hope you got the boiler fixed Jo, it's no fun being in the cold:(

Heather said...

Can you teach me how to shop like that please lol! Hope the boiler is working again xx