Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Busy day!

Met Mum in Morrisons and bought a few bits and pieces this morning then came home and had lunch. Then off to the Co-op as they had dishwasher tablets on BOGOF - did I tell you I'm getting a dishwasher?!?!?!?! After that it was off to Asda to stock up on a few bits and add some more bits to my baby pile of stuff that's being kept in the airing cupboard. So far I'm quite well stocked with nappies and wipes!! Tomorrow morning I have to take Matthew for his eye-test (that he refused to do last time) so I'm hoping he'll co-operate and then in the afternoon I'm off to Tesco with my neighbour although I don't actually need very much at all! Friday the dishwasher is coming. Saturday and Sunday - no plans (as yet although I supppose I really ought to have my "hospital bag" packed! Monday - antenatal appointment in the morning and then a breastfeeding workshop in the afternoon (which I really need to go to as I can claim 2 free nursing bras) Tuesday - off for an expedition with Mum to a local(ish) baby shop so I can try out car-seats in my car and see what fits. Went on to AMLT today and just managed to bag myself 2 sets of KI Memories stamps - disco dots and bubble letters. Yes I know I hvae other things to spend my money on but having had a little unexpected refund from British Gas I had a small amount of dosh to play around with! What the OH doesn't know won't hurt him!!!!!! Saw that my old workplace was on the news today -(a certain immigration detention centre near Oxford) and that some staff were unfortunately hurt. Hopefully it's none of my past colleagues - we used to be such a tight-knit group but then you would be with people that you work with for 12 hours a day , 6 or 7 days in a row. I started working there when it opened in 1993 and have to say it was a fab job which I loved even though it was bloody hard sometimes and we had to put up with loads of abuse. Whoever said that the detainees have a hard life never saw what the staff were subjected too (says she who was assaulted twice!). Off my high horse now!!!! Also found out today that our summer holiday is booked - YAY!!!!! We never had a holiday at all last year so looking forward to this one. Uusally we go camping with OH's parents and his sister and her family but decided this year that taking a 3 or 4 month old baby camping probably wasn't such a hot idea so we have a static caravan booked on the same site that everyone else is camping on. We're back up to North Wales as we all love it up there so really looking forward to that!!!!

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