Thursday, March 29, 2007

38 weeks

today and off for a scan this afternoon to see what position the baby's lying in and whether the size is OK. When I last saw the midwife 2 weeks ago it was still breach and back-to-back and measuring 2 weeks larger than it should be for my dates. Hoping so much that it's decided to turn and can be delivered naturally. If it's still breach I'm going to ask if they can try turning it. Neil and I also need to make a decision on whether we want to know what sex it is as I'm sure it'll be difficult not to look!!! If we do find out we're not telling a soul - the kids won't be there as my parents are coming over to look after them. Had a call yesterday from the heating engineers about the new boiler we should be getting through Warm Front and they wanted to come and put it in next Tuesday. I cancelled that as we didn't know what would be happening that day but after much discussion last night I need to ring them today to see if it is possible for them to still come on that day. Right off to get kids ready for school and then can do all my jobs - need to do some washing, go for a paper, pre-make a sausage casserole for tea tonight, make some chicken Tonight dishes to shove in the freezer .......oh and I think I'd better pack my hospital bag!!! I did manage to get the bag out of the wardrobe yesterday but that was as far as I got!


Mellie said...

this is getting so exciting Jo! One of these days I will come on here and you will say you have had bundle of joy1
I cannot help it but whenever I think of you and the baby it screams girl to me!! Can you pm me your addy by they way? I think my user id over on UK still is the same.
hope the baby turns for you!

trish said...

have you still not packed your bag missus!!!!!!!!!! get it done :D