Saturday, February 24, 2007

The weekend starts here!

Up earlier than normal as baby was quite active so I'm making the most of the peace and quiet.! Finished a LO yesterday:

This was Matthew in his nativity play December 2006. I was so proud of him actually getting up on stage and doing his bit as he is normally very shy and his confidence is so low.

Don't know what made me use these colours as they're pastels! - think I was probably just dying to use some of my DCWV Spring Stack and the new spring cardstock.

Waiting to see if the postie brings me anything this morning as I ordered a few bits from the lovely Jill last week - KI Memories basics stamps, 2 packs of AC mini marks rub-ons and a set of Lil Davis love stamps. Would love to get them today so I can have a play over the weekend.

Off to the library later to take "Shopaholic and Baby" back and see what new books they have in. I love the fact that they have a "7 day" system now where the latest books are available but you can only borrow them for 7 days - it means there's always loads on the shelves to choose from but you have to read them quickly - it's not a problem until you see about 6 of your favourite authors have released new books at the same time! Think I saw a new Judy Astley and Emma Blair there last week so hoping I can grab one today.

Postie has just been and no package for me today :(


Mellie said...

gorgeous layout and I love the pastel colours!!
congrats on scoring your pushchair.
I too have been stalking the mailman for a few days with no results. hope your package arrives on Monday!

Paula Sealey said...

Great layout Jo! Love those pastel papers, they're gorgeous:)