Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Washing washing washing!!!

Not been on for a few days as been busy sorting through the bags of baby stuff from up in the loft. Have washed car seat covers and various bodysuits and sleepsuits - just need to wash moses basket linen and more clothes!! Also got to make sure that the car seat fits in my car as I've got a different car since the last time seat was used!!! Just been to midwife's drop-in clinic as bump has been feeling very strange today and thought it may have gone back-to-back but it hasn't. They think it may be starting to turn though so fingers crossed. I'm now measuring 37cm though and I'm only 34 weeks tomorrow so they think baby's going to be a big one. I have a proper appointment in a couple of weeks so we're hoping it'll definitely be the right way then. Got my package from Jill on Monday but not got around to using new stash yet. Hopefully have a play around later, but first I have to put the finishing touches to a set of tags I'm making as part of our team swap on UKScrappers. Am slightly behind with mine as I had to wait for some Photobox photos to finish them off. Tomorrow I'm off to do the weekly shop with my neighbour and then Friday I'm planning on going into town with Mum for a few hours then she's staying and having tea so she can see the boys as she hasn't seen them since she babysat for us at the end of January.

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Marja said...

Hope baby is turning! I hear that guesstimating baby's weight with the tummy measurement thing is not reliable though. I was measuring about 3 weeks ahead by tummy size but a scan showed baby was average size (7.5lbs expected birth weight).