Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Turn turn turn!!!!

Well went to the midwife yesterday - don't need iron tablets and blood sugar OK. Baby is doing absolutely fine too although it has decided to flip over completely and is now in the breech position!! Not too worried at the moment as I still have, in theory, 7 weeks to go and have been told to spend time crawling around the floor to try and get it to move. Apparently there are a couple of Drs in the maternity unit who will externally rotate babies and there is also the option of reflexology that works. I'm adamant that I do not want a C-section and will do anything to avoid it. Jamie came home from school in shorts yesterday - seems that one of the boys (7 years old!) in his class was standing next to Jamie's table where he was working and peed himself - the result was Jamie's trousers and sweatshirt getting splashed! First day back at school and uniform washed already! Off out soon as my car is booked in for a service. Going with a bag of stuff to keep me occupied as it's going to take about 2 hours. Finished "Shopaholic and Baby" last night so have started another Tina Reilly who is a fab author. Also pivking up a couple of mags at the petrol station on the way cos I can then sit and do some puzzles. Right off to get organized now as I have to leave in 10 mins!

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Marja said...

Oooh hope baby turns back to head down for you in time for delivery! I think mine is head down (was 10 dasy ago at last Dr visit) and I would swap with you cos I am having a C-section no matter what :D As you say, plenty of time for baby to rotate!