Saturday, February 03, 2007

Been shopping!!!

Went to Toys R US this morning to buy a travel cot and highchair:
Aiming to have the baby sleep in our room in the travel cot for the first few months and then we'll need the cot for camping etc. This one has a bassinet and also a changing table that fits across the top so will be quite handy. Not my preferred colour choice but it will be practical for camping.
The chair is one of Toys R Us own brand and has a 3 position recline seat along with height adjustment. We had been going to buy the Chicco chair (which is what we had for both of the boys) but when we looked at it we decided it wasn't as well made as the previous one we had and felt quite flimsy in comparison. Went with this one instead and saved £30 in the process.
Now all we have left to buy is a dishwasher and a changing mat - Neil's parents are buying us a pushchair (after a Cosatto one) and my parents are buying us a door bouncer after I sold the last one on Ebay!!!!
Neil is now watching tv so I may scrap for a while as he's going to be watching CSI New York and then I'll watch our recording of NCIS. Hpoing to get back into scrapping as I have loads of gorgeous photos sitting here just begging to be scrapped., not to mention all that stash to use!


Sue said...

They look fab to me!! Can't belive how travel cots have evolved since mine lot were little. Good luck with the dish washer ( i would LOVE one but my kitchen is too small!)

Cath said...

You must be getting excited now!
Great stuff you've bought :)

Shirley said...

OOOh I've never used a highchair but that looks fab!

Heather said...

Ooo how fun buying ickle baby things, love those :D