Wednesday, January 03, 2007

School starts.......

tomorrow!!!! OK so I'll have the house back to myself for most of the day but it'll be so weird not having the 2 boys around all the time and I'll miss not having them to talk to. Must take this opportunity to do something constructive though instead of surfing all day! Have a million and one things to do starting with
  • taking down all the Christmas decorations,
  • tackling the laundry pile,
  • tidying the kids rooms in readiness to start redecorating and moving boys in together before the baby arrives,
  • recording all our vinyl albums, reducing hisses and pops and splitting into seperate tracks so we can keep them on PC and actually listen to them
  • do some more scrapping - no more DT stuff so everything I do will be just for me!
  • tidy the rest of the house
  • find all baby items that need washing to freshen them up (blankets, sheets, babygros, sleepsuits)
  • decide on a name!!! Have a girl's name sorted but having major problems choosing a boy's name!
  • Put my feet up occasionally
  • go and see a Dr if this pain gets any worse (think I have S.P.D.!)
  • midwife appt at end of Jan - blood test time!
  • apply for Maternity grant
  • order pushchair, travel cot and highchair

Hopefully that's mostly everything covered!

Have had a really great Christmas and New Year - quite quiet and didn't get to do the usual big family gathering but I quite enjoyed it with it being just the 4 of us having our Christmas together. Still finding it difficult to believe that this time next year we'll have an 8 month old baby (only 14 weeks left to go until B-Day now!)

Been back on Ebay today and won another 2 sets of the Hero Arts clear stamps - letters Y and K are now on their way to me so I'll have: D, J, K, M, P, Q, V, W and Y (all the ones you tend to use a lot LOL!). Only need another 17 to complete the set now. Still can't believe the price of these in the shops over here - £13.50 a set! Also on my list of "things I want but will have to wait for" are the new KI Memories stamps - how lovely are they?!?

Right must go to bed now as it's an early start tomorrow - have already decided that housework can wait tomorrow. I'm going to scrap!

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Marja said...

Isn't it totally frightening how fast time is going? I have less than 14 weeks now as well and I know that soon enough we will be saying " in a week from now.." EEEEK!

Hope you get some rest and that your aches and pains go away. I never thought I could feel 95 at the age of 35, lol!