Friday, January 05, 2007

I did try

updating yesterday but then Blogger lost everything I wrote so I lost it!!! Kids went back to school and am so pleased to report that Matthew settled in really well and didn't even wave/kiss/hug me goodbye! Christmas decorations are down and the laundry pile is almost cleared. I actually did my first LO of the year: This is me back when I was a baby in 1970 enjoying my chocolate pudding. There are other photos in existence of me taken slightly after this one and absolutely covered in the stuff but we can't find them anywhere! Today I'm hoping to do some more scrapping this morning while I wait for the delivery of our new PC from Dell. The one we have at the moment is so slow and keeps crashing when you're in the middle of something so we decided to buy a new one while there were offers on. It's a buy now pay later deal so we have a whole year to save up for it - we managed last year to pay for our new tv this way so should be able to do it again. The old PC is eventually going to go up in the boys room once we've redecorated and put them in the one room together - we just need to buy a cheap computer desk to go in there.


Heather said...

Glad Mathew settled in well at School. 2 more days and mine will be gone too lol!

I love your LO Jo, what a cutie! I hope you find the missing pictures.
Love these deals that allow us little luxuries and the time to save. Have fun.

jake said...

Grr!!! I hate it when blogger does that!

Hope you are well, girlie. I think of you.

jk xx