Sunday, January 21, 2007


Went in to "town" today to pick up the new Argos catalogue and decide that while I was there I'd also try to collect my free Bounty "pregnancy pack" with the samples and vouchers etc in. Parked in the car park at "bottom" end of town and went to smaller Boots store to be told "sorry,we haven't got any - try the big store". Then followed a long walk (which wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't have pelvic pain and sciatica!) up to the larger Boots store in the new shopping centre. Cue - long wait at checkout to be told that I needed to go to the other checkouts at opposite end of store followed by "sorry, we've run out of them". Into Mothercare next and cue another loooooong wait as Sunday drivers are obviously taking over as shop assistants and on a "go slow"! followed by "sorry we haven't got any left but we may have some next week". Aaaargh" As if I haven't got better things to do and walking doesn't hurt so much! Rant over! Bought 600 print credits at Photobox tonight for the bargain price of £18 in their January sale so have been busy doctoring photos in Photoshop tonight ready to upload at some point. OK -so 600 is rather a lot but I reckon we may well be taking a lot of photos over the next year and various family members may want the odd copy or two! Have my first midwife appointment in 6 weeks tomorrow morning and hoping that everything is OK. It's time for the dreaded iron deficiency blood test - I do loathe having my blood taken - pretty funny when you bear in mind that I used to be a nurse! I've filled in the application for a Maternity Grant and will be taking that in with me for the midwife to sign. Luckily I'm her first appointment of the day so hopefully it won't be a 50 minute wait this time! Hoping to be back by 10 so I can shove a load of washing in the machine and then sit down to watch the Murray/Nadal match live in teh Australia Open. Hopefully if the baby gets used to the sounds of tennis on the tv I'll be able to spend 2 whole glorious weeks glued to the tv while Wimbledon is on! In the meantime I'm off to do a quick forum check before heading off to bed and another night off being kicked, poked and prodded by this little baby (who incidentally will have a name if it's a girl but will be known as "it" if it's a boy ) - we still can't find a name we both like!

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