Monday, December 11, 2006

& now... the kids!!!

Well after a few days of me feeling yucky it's the kid's turn! Jamie went to his district Beaver's party on Saturday afternoon and just before going to bed that night complained that he had tummy ache so I left a bowl by the bed just in case. 2 bed linen changes later he slept through but is still not eating properly again yet. Then, today, Matthew had his school nativity production (photos will be posted some other time) then came home and a couple of hours later fell asleep on the chair in the lounge. Knowing this was so unlike him I knew something was up so when he said he had a poorly tummy I was prepared with a bowl and towels. Seems he has the same bug Jamie had but is now tucked up in bed and looking forward to a day off school spent with Mummy tomorrow. I had a scheduled midwife appointment this morning at 10.15 but actually had to wait until 11.05 to see her by which time I'd had enough of sitting in the waiting room, as had Neil. Everything was fine but when I asked if they'd had the results of my triple blood test back (which was taken 6 weeks ago) she couldn't actually make them visible on the PC and told me I'd have to see a Dr to get the results. Luckily the receptionist was lovely and fitted me in with a Dr fairly quickly - had to wait for about 15 minutes and then we got to see the Dr. Apparently at my age the risk of having a baby with Downs is about 1 in 249 but my tests came back as 1 in 450 which the Dr seemed pretty pleased about and which takes a great deal of weight off our minds. I actually managed to do some scrapping over the weekend for the first time in ages and although it won't set the scrapping world alight I'm still pleased with it: The pic is of Jamie when he was nearly 2 and used to just lie still and let Neil put on Vicks chest rub whenever he had a cold. I could never do it as the smell just made me feel sick!!!! I've been busy on Ebay again and bought another 3 sets of those Hero Arts stamps from the US. The letters Q, W and V will soon be making their way over to me - that'll leave 19 sets to buy!!! Off to bed now -haven't typed this much in ages !!!


Paula said...

Mmm, Vicks, I love the smell of that! Hope the boys are feeling better, so much yuckiness going round:(

Heather said...

Aww so sorry your boys have been poorly, my girls are too! Lovely LO Jo and we don't always need to set the scrapping world alight do we? heehee! Love the pics too. Glad all went well at the docs. xx

Marja said...

Glad to read your Downs risk is low! Hope you do get to scrap a little bit in the next few months without too much pain.