Sunday, December 24, 2006

Leisurely day

So had a really leisurely morning doing not much except having breakfast and a very long shower. We ended up going to B&Q to buy some new door handles for the kids rooms as the old ones they had were impossible to use quietly and they were waking us up every morning. We then went to McDonalds for one of our very few visits - it's usually during school holidays and we had promised a visit this holiday. How people can afford to eat there a few times a week is beyond me as one visit for the 4 of us is equivalent to 2 days of my food bill at home!!
In the afternoon the kids spent a while perusing all the paint colour charts they picked up in the morning as they need to choose what colour to redecorate Jamie's room as they will be sharing that room at some point in the not too distant future. B&Q do some gorgeous funky metallic colours that we're trying to steer then towards.
Managed another LO in the evening using a very treasured photo of myself with my Granda:
I know you're not really supposed to have "favourites" but Granda was always my favourite grandparent and I still miss him terribly - he died 13 years ago. He used to call me his "beauty" so he was always my "beast". Quite pleased with this photo as it was scanned. enlarged and colours changed from a tiny photo that I found in Mum's collection.


Heather said...

I agree with you on the McD's food bill, outrageous for all it is!
I adore your LO Jo, its just wonderful, such great colours and hues.

Mellie said...

I love this lo Jo.