Monday, November 06, 2006

Scan, weekend and oven!!!

Well, had the scan on Friday morning and as I suspected my dates have been changed slightly and going by the size of the baby it's now due on April 12th.

I have to go back for another scan in 2-3 weeks time so they can do a proper anomaly scan and measure all the "bits" but it's looking pretty good in there so far!

Had a great weekend up in Wiltshire. Fireworks on Friday night were amazing as always but it was absolutely freezing outside. I was realy gobsmacked when both the boys had sparklers that their cousin had bought them. I would have thought that Matthew wouldn't go near them!

Saturday we went to a garden centre for a look around and they just happened to have a craft shop. OH told me that if I wanted something that I could choose up to £x worth and the boys could get it for my upcoming birthday so I have some of the K & Co Addison papers and quite a few of the gorgeous new Versamagic and Brilliance Dew Drop ink pads. I was looking for the chalk ink queues as I quite fancy those thanks to Natty but the shop didn't have them. After the garden centre we went to Mothercare World in Swindon to have a look at pushchairs, highchairs and travel cots as these are the only big things we need for the baby and we can't look at everything in our local shop but we weren't that impressed with the selection apart from maybe a travel cot. The boys wanted to buy a toy for the baby but we managed to make them wait for a while!! After that it was off to Toys R'Us where the boys spent their birthday money on some Lego Star Wars and we managed to find a suitable highchair and pushchair. It's very difficult trying to find a pushchair that a 6'4" OH can push comfortably but we think we've found one!

Yesterday it was time to say goodbye to the family and then back home we came. As usual I ended up with a headache after driving for a while but managed to sleep that off in the afternoon. Was merrily cooking tea for us last night and had got the boys sorted - just our tea left in the oven when I opened the door and thought the oven didn't feel as hot as it should do! Pigging thing had no heat at all ao after finding something else for us both to eat PH took it apart and found that the element had blown so this morning it was off into town to buy a new one. Luckily OH is off work today and has managed to fit the new element so we can eat cooked tea tonight!!

Hoping to maybe do some scrapping/ cardmaking of some sort soon. Keep seeing things I'd really like to try and then when it comes to getting all my stash out I have no interest whatsoever. I think I just need to make myself do it!


Paula said...

That's such a great scan photo Jo! So pleased everything's going smoothly for you, well, except for the oven going!

Cath said...

Love the scan Jo, congrats again!

Heather said...

Love the scan picture, so cute. Hope you are staying well and enjoying this time. Sounds like you had a busy weekend but stash shopping is always a plus. Glad the oven is mended. Take care xx