Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Jamie!!!!

7 today!!!! and still as gorgeous as ever!!!

He opened some presents and cards this morning but later after he comes home from school Granny and Pops will be here with more pressies and then he's having a roast for tea followed by a Dalek birthday cake.

I really should have timed my kid's birthdays better - Matthew's was less than 3 weeks ago and it'll be Christmas in just under 8 weeks! At least the next child will have a birthday in a different month!

Tomorrow morning I have my one and only scan to check my due date and that the baby is developing OK. It's awful having to wait until 18-20 weeks to get a dating scan as many places do it at around 12 weeks. I have a feeling they'll put my dates back about 10 days but we'll just have to wait and see. The boys aren't coming with us although they did come with me to my midwife appointment on Monday and were quite chuffed that they got to hear baby's heartbeat for the first time.

I'm half expecting them to tell me tomorrow that the baby looks like a chilli due to the amount of chilli crisps I've been eating recently - well either a chilli or curry and rice!!! At least it won't look like a chocolate bar as I've developed a real aversion to chocolate!

After the scan we're off for the weekend in Wiltshire at OH's uncle's house as we do this time each year. Their village has a massive firework display of which we have a great view from their garden so we set up a huge gazebo, gas barbecue, heaters and the obligatory mulled wine and have a great evening. All OH's family are there - sister and her family, Mum and step-dad, cousins etc and we have a whale of a time.

Next week I'm doing a special tea for Jamie and a couple of his friends from school as there was no way I could have done a party tonight and get ready for tomorrow but at least it gives him something else next week to look forward to.

Right - off to tidy up now before my Mum comes over later. One day she'll stop running her fingers along the mantelpiece looking for dust - won't she?!?!


Heather said...

Happy Birthday to Jamie, what a handsome chap he is :D Hope the scan goes well and have a lovely weekend. (oh don't know if she ever will Jo, maybe we just stop caring ;)

Paula said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday Jamie, Benjamin and Rebecca say hello to him and Matthew:D

Have a great weekend Joxx

trish said...

hunny, I missed this, Happy belated birthday Jamie xxx hope you had a fabby day mate xxx

Jen said...

Wasn't he gorgeous! Well, still is ;) And the aversion to chocolate? LOL I had that. Unfortunately my love of it came right back after DD was born - which didn't help with the post-baby flab....

Paula said...

Happy birthday Jamie! Have a wonderful year. :)