Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday Monday....... good to me.... Monday mornin, it was all I hoped it would be..... OK enough of my tuneless singing trying to convince myself that it's a lovely Monday morning but I'm currently sitting here drying out having taken the kids to school. It really annoys me that we have to stay outside with the kids on mornings like this until the whistle goes and they're allowed in to their classrooms! Well the Governor's meeting went OK last week (if a wee bit boring!). We had a man in from the local council to talk about the new school that's being built next year to replace ours and another one.The meeting lasted 2 hours and to say that there was a slight divide between the LEA governors, teacher governors and parent governors is an understatement. Looks like we parents are classed as the lowest of the low! It's Matthew's first parent's evening tonight so looking forward to hearing what the teacher has to say about him. He does seem a lot more settled now compared to a couple of weeks ago and his confidence is getting better every day.

I actually did some scrapping this weekend and used some of those gorgeous glittery MAMBI monograms and I actually got to use pink too!!! See - I was cute once upon a time!!!

Hoping to get some more scrapping done today as I think my enthusiasm may have returned. I'm also sat in waiting for the postman as I'm hoping that an (very naughty) order I placed may come today - 4 lots of KI Memories sashes and a few sheets of Bazzill.

If you haven't already been on UKS don't forget to check out October's DT gallery - the theme this month was Heritage and we had a lovely kit from Just A Memory. Unfortunately my "something else" that I was doing had to be chucked out as it all went horribly wrong and now I have to explain to Matthew where his sticker box went! Ooopss!!!


Paula said...

One of my favourite songs Jo (even out of tune:D). Love the layout and that piccie is so sweetxx

jake said...

Loving the Li'l you Jo!!

jk xx

Anonymous said...

I just got in from a Gov meeting ...yawn LOL