Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fab time

yesterday. Spent a great few hours with Maddy gossiping and having a lovely time. Hopefully we didn't scare her off and she'll pop in again another time! Was going to devote all of today to scrapping but my plans have now changed. Thius morning will be a trip to the Co-op for bread etc and then to the library to return a book that was due yesterday *Jo slaps her wrist*. Then back home and keep kids occupied for a few hours before taking OH's car to the garage to have a whole new exhaust system fitted. Hopefully we'll only be there for an hour until he comes down with my car and I can take the kids home while he waits for the car to be finished and pays for it. Tomorrow there's a family craft day organized by Sure Start (I think) and hoping to meet a friend and take the kids along to make Halloween masks and capes. It'll keep us busy for a few hours!


paula said...

Enjoy the craft day Jo, hope the children aren't driving you too mad! I've got 4 here today, it's pandemonium!!!

joanna said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time with Maddy, Jo; hope you've all had a good half-term week!

Heather said...

Hope the boys had fun and hope your feeling better, take good care xx