Sunday, September 10, 2006


Another quiet weekend and not done too much. I have managed to actually do a LO and I know it's nothing to write home about and won't win any awards for originality but hey! it's the first time I've actually done a LO in over a month that I didn't have to do! I did do a bit of re-organizing of some of my craft stuff yesterday as I now have an old 4 drawer bedside cabinet that I'm using as storage for all my 12 x 12 cardstock. this has freed up loads of room on my desk as I had it all standing up in cut-down pizza boxes (like the Cropper Hopper storage).

Matthew is staying longer at school tomorrow - until 1.30 so I've just made him what could pass as a packed lunch. I need to speak to his teachers in the morning and ask them not to psh him if he doesn't eat as he'll just dig his feet in even further and refuse to eat a thing. He's so stubborn and I don't know where he gets it from!

So - I'll have 4.5 hours to myself tomorrow!


Kel_eh said...

Love the texture on the page, and LOVE the photo of the boys with the wall of fish behind them.

joanna said...

Lovin' your eyelet work, Jo! Hope Matthew is enjoying school :)

Paula said...

Jo, you're back! Love the layout and the new blogxx

Beth said...

you're tagged. See my blog for details (it's all Jakeys fault)