Thursday, September 07, 2006

A new beginning........

A new blog for me and a new school term for the boys - Matthew is starting in the Reception class and Jamie going into Year 2. I'm slightly worried about Matthew as he doesn't like change and can often be quite stubborn and refuse to do things until they're the way he likes them but we'll just have to wait and see. He's only going in for the morning for this week then next week he has his packed lunch at school and I pick him up after that and then the following week he's into a full school day. I think that'll be when it hits me that he's started school as I've been so used to him not being here in the mornings following his 2 years at nursery.
Jamie I'm not worried about at all - he loves school and is dying to learn new things. I'm hoping this year that his abilities are stretched slightly more than last year.
As for me, I have a lot of reading to do "A Guide to the Law for School Governors" - somehow I don't think that's bedtime reading so I'll save it for during the day while the kids are out of the house.
I'm also hoping that now the kids are back at school I may be able to get some scrapping done. I have a gorgeous UKS Design Team kit from Just a Memory sat on my desk and waiting for inspiration to strike so I can have a play with it. My time on the Design Team will run out at the end of this year and although I've enjoyed the challenges we've faced and am grateful for the opportunity being given to me I'm looking forward to being able to scrap "just for me" and not having any DT or magazine work to do.


joanna said...

YAY!!! So glad to see you back, Jo :) - I'm sure Matthew will settle well, once he's into the swing of it. Mine have just gone into Y2 and YR as well. A Guide to the Law is a right riveting read (NOT!!!) - I love being a governor, though.

Paula said...

Yay! Good to see you in Bloggerland again! :D

Hope the kids have a wonderful school year. Both look very handsome in their school uniforms. Looking forward to the "First day of school" layout. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope school was good. I am a governor too ( at Dan's special school)
Glad you are back ((hug))

Anonymous said...

so glad to see your blog back. I might be a bit quiet but that does not stop me from wanting to know about those to great fellas and you too. Cant beleive hes started school!!! Madd

Natty said...

Oh I'd wondered where you'd disappeared to. Nice to see you back! :o)